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Your event is important, your image depends on it.

Event Planner:

Do you want to leave an imprint in the memory of your guests? Put your brand forward? Solidify team spirit or simply reward your employees? Our event planner are distinguished by our creativity and our artistic direction during the events. The smallest details are taken into account. We will realize your event according to your vision, your objectives, your brand, your image and your audience. The event is an opportunity to solidify links or create encounters that can lead to opportunities. We design creative events according to your communication strategy with strong themes and highlighting of your brand. We will act as the conductor of your project. By using the services of an event organizer, you will have the freedom to concentrate on important decisions and enjoy pleasant moments during the event. Please be aware that our event organizers will always bring you an added value in terms of creativity. We can advise you on different concepts while respecting your ideas and your budget.

Our mission is to make your event, an event that stands out.

Conceptualization and planning:

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Conceptualization and planning

• Determine the concept of the event
• Determine your goals.
• Single or recurrent event
• Specify ways to achieve objectives on time
• Drafting of the preliminary budget
• To do-list
• Development of the timetable
• Reservation of rooms and accommodation
• Licensing
• Recommendation of the best suppliers for the realization of the event
• Employment of artistic personnel
• Negotiation and monitoring
• Preparing the event scenario.
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Design and concept development

• Creation process
• Innovative concept development
• Style and ambiance
• Choice of places
• Decoration
• Lighting
• Music
• Menu
• Contingency management

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Coordination of the event

Take full advantage of the event, we take care of everything.

We will ensure that your event bears your signature.

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