Located in Montreal, the company specializes in organizing events of all kinds tailored to your needs, your budget and your tastes. With our listening, attention to detail and imagination, we will make your ideas wild by creating a turnkey event. Our expertise will ensure you a quality service and our ideas will stand out.

Our philosophy: Nothing is impossible!

Our mission: To offer you a high quality service.

Our goal: To make your event stand out.

Why us?

Our mission is to offer you a high quality service according to your budget envelope and at the best price. We create innovative events that leave an imprint in the memory of the participants. Creativity and originality are our motto. With us nothing is impossible. Our expertise will ensure you a quality service and our ideas will stand out. Whether for an innovative concept, to create WoW effects during your evenings, to solidify the team spirit, to stand out or to organize the weddings of your dreams. Be expected of always receiving a high quality service with Elégancia. We will accompany you every step of the way.

Our strenght:

  • We are effective
  • We think about everything
  • We are creative
  • We have an artistic director on the spot
  • We are extremely well organized
  • We can improvise depending of the situation
  • Our team is professionnal
  • Wen can create the event to your delight

Dominique Mathieu,  Event specialist, Artistic Directrice, and Mic host.

With 15 years of experience in the field of event entertainment Dominique was first known as president and founder of Animations Doumica. Working in the production and Event management since 2008 Dominique is known for being a creative, pioneering and structured person.  She manages with the  hand of a master. Good meetings with the professionals in the industry during the event allowed her to build a network of contacts and solid references. With more than 500 events, she has seen all styles.

She care about details and  love to exploit her creativity. She is constantly looking for new trends and ways to express her creativity and  to develop concept of evening events.  She is putting her passion, energy and talent at your service to create unique and unforgettable moments. More than a job, it’s a passion for her. She is the orchestra conductor of your event!

About Dominique

  • My favorite movie is Coming to America. I was inspired by this moovie when I saw the grand entrance of the bride and the dance troup that had me gazing for a creation of a concept of a perfect grand bridal entrance.
  • What I like most about my job is to see people enjoying them selfs.
  • I forget about time when I work on a project that excites me.
  • I describe myself as a touch of everything, creative, curious and disconcerting calm.
  • I seek pleasure in everything I do and undertake. I’m an Epicurean.