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Corporate christmas party organizers

Corporate chrismas party:

First of all, it’s already time to think about organizing your corporate Christmas party. A Christmas Party organizer can help. Do you want to organize an office party to thank your employees and to reward their efforts? In addition, a Christmas party organizer can help you convey a corporate message, a summary of the year and offer an opportunity to celebrate. The corporate Christmas party is a good way to strengthen the team spirit within the company. All the more that we can design several themed evenings to brighten up your event. Whether your corporate evening is grand or simple and unifying, with an organizer this evening will be friendly, pleasant and memorable for your employees.

Christmas Party Entertainment:

In addition, entertainment should never be overlooked at an office party as all employees will talk about it for a long time. It is true that an event organizer knows the cream of the crop in terms of suppliers because he often has to deal with them. Out of your mind and no time to do everything, therefore, contact a Christmas Party organizer to discuss the organization of your office party.

Event management

From research to event coordination, we take care of everything!

  • Meeting or telephone call to define the objectives.
  • Development of the theme of the evening. Development of a budget.
  • Hall search.
  • Room visit Search and recommendation of suppliers.
  • Development of the schedule. Planning meeting.
  • Contract negotiation and monitoring.
  • Communication management with employees (invitations).
  • Coordination with the caterer (choice of menu)
  • Development of the detailed timetable.
  • Seating plan.
  • Supervision of suppliers Logistics.
  • Seating plan.
  • Suggestion and research of gift ideas.
  • Management of special requests from guests before and during the event.
  • Payment remittance to suppliers.
  • Contingency management.
  • Accommodation.
  • Coordination of the evening
  • Coordination of the assembly of the room
Corporate chrismas party organizer

Already have time to think about organizing your corporate christmas party. Need help?Contact us to discuss the organization of your office party.

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